We develop custom indexes to take advantage of bull markets as well as bear markets. They include:

Sharp Equity Indexes. Our Sharpe Equity Indexes use a smart beta allocation of stock investments. One index is comprised of ETFs, while the other is comprised of individual stock components.

Our rigorous method for inclusion or exclusion pinpoints beta and Sharpe Ratio strength. Component selection occurs annually.

Multi-Asset Stock Hedge (MASH) Index. Non-stock assets have historically held up well during stock downtrends. For example, certain types of bonds tend to succeed, including Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities (TIPS), zero-coupon Treasuries, longer-term Treasuries, and municipal bonds.

Yet select bond types are not the only beneficiaries of stock selloffs. Safer have currencies like the U.S. dollar, the Japanese yen, and the Swiss franc may prosper. Additionally, gold has often served as an effective hedge against severe stock loss.

We developed the Multi-Asset Stock Hedge (MASH) Index to offer a diversified approach to stock hedging. The MASH Index uses ETFs across a wide range of asset classes. Essentially, investors now have an alternative to shorting stocks or selecting a single asset class alone.

Probable Range Index. Our Probable Range Index (PRI) quantifies price trends—including short, intermediate, and long-term—based upon a percentile scale for major stock, bond, and volatility indexes. We designed the PRI to identify periods where reversals are extremely likely to occur.

For instance, when stocks are hitting a series of records and bumping up against the top of technical trend peaks, our PRI allows us to take some gains at the top end of a risk range. Similarly, we may add risk near trend troughs with a high probability of ‘buy low’ success.

The bottom line? We utilize our indices for uptrends, downtrends as well as choppy markets. Our proprietary indexes help our clients prosper in all market environments.