Who are our clients?

Our clients are successful people. Yet they may not have the time, desire, discipline and/or knowledge to manage their investments. They delegate the responsibility to us to keep their portfolio on the right path.

The overwhelming majority of near-retirees and retirees cannot afford to roll the dice when it comes to their financial well-being. They choose Pacific Park Financial because we have a recognized approach for limiting losses. We have the resources and the discipline to grow and protect the wealth that they have accumulated over their lifetimes.

What custodian(s) do we use?

TD Ameritrade. (Note: Schwab recently acquired TD Ameritrade.)

What is our fee?

Our Firm Brochure, which discusses our fee structure, can be found on our Resources page.

Can I still trade and make investment decisions in the account(s) that you are managing?

No. We cannot manage an account where you are placing trades. The risk of “over-buying” or “over-selling” is too great.

However, you can set up an individually managed account(s). We can even provide you with ideas and general guidance.

What is the legal arrangement for account management?

We provide our service via a Limited Power of Attorney (LPOA). We do not custody, pool, or assume client assets.

All of your investments are held in accounts that are yours and yours alone. The LPOA simply allows us to place trades on your behalf as well as redeem our quarterly management fee.

Does Pacific Park Financial charge any fees for terminating the management agreement?

No. Our clients are not bound by mandatory contract periods or early termination fees.