According to Seeking Alpha, its contributors’ articles reach over 50 million unique monthly readers through a variety of distribution channels, including MSN, Yahoo Finance and Google Finance. The web site alone has been the recipient of Forbes’ “Best of the Web” and Kiplinger’s “Most Informative Website.” Moreover, SA is the largest stock market blog with over 4,000 contributors producing close to 250 articles each day.

The prestigious global information/measurement company, Nielsen Analytics, maintains that Seeking Alpha has the leading audience of any financial website. In other words, more people may be getting their investment info from SA than from Bloomberg, CNN or The Wall Street Journal.

How are the authors selected? The editorial members choose from the “world’s top market writers, money managers, financial experts and investment newsletters.”

Considering Gary Gordon’s background in financial talk radio as well as his prominent commentary at ETF Expert, the editorial group at Seeking Alpha were eager to feature him. Since 2007, SA has republished more than 1,100 of his articles. At present, Gary is the #1 Opinion Leader for “Portfolio Strategy & Asset Allocation” and he maintains a loyal readership of 16,000+ followers.

Here are some of the performance metrics: