When it comes to ETFs, nearly every major publication has tapped Gary Gordon’s expertise. Journalists from Investor’s Business Daily, Smart Money, Businessweek, the International Business Times and the Wall Street Journal regularly request Gary’s input.

In particular, writers often seek Gary’s opinion of Asian ETFs, both stocks and bonds. Not only is Gary a prolific writer in that regard, but he lived and worked in the region for many years.

Here are a wide variety of samples of Gary Gordon’s presence in the ETF community. For instance, in a feature from January 2008 in Investor’s Business Daily, Gary accurately forecasts the overwhelming likelihood of a U.S. recession… 9 months before U.S. government economists made it official! And for the financial planning community in Financial Planning Magazine, he lays out the case for safely profiting from Asia bonds in 2012. (Note: The list below is far from comprehensive; rather, it represents a small cross-section of publications and web portals.)

Investor’s Business Daily
Smart Money
Financial Planning
The Kirk Report
International Business Times
Index Universe
Equities Magazine

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