During the late 1990s, the mainstream financial media glorified the “New Economy.” Investors believed that they could get rich quick, “buying-n-holding” technology giants like Cisco, Webvan, JDS Uniphase and Pets.com. Indeed, dot-com stock mania had reached a fever pitch.

As the Certified Financial Planner™ on the nationally syndicated talk radio program, Maverick Investing (1998-2005), Gary Gordon voiced his concern. He warned listeners about the “tech bubble” and the insanity of holding stocks without an exit strategy. For example, he consistently emphasized the importance of using stop-limit orders to protect against the downside risk of owning the NASDAQ 100 exchange-traded fund, “QQQ.”

In the 2000-2002 stock market bear, tech-heavy QQQ lost 80% of its value. That’s 80% – 4/5 of one’s money wiped out!

Not every investor succumbed to the same fate. Loyal listeners had been reaching out to Gary directly. And Gary responded by founding Pacific Park Financial, Inc. in July of 2002.

At the time, the U.S. was still battling an economic recession as well as a 3rd consecutive year of debilitating market losses. Worse yet, the country was preparing for a war with Iraq. Yet Gary’s unique approach of emphasizing protection against downside risk using exchange-traded index funds (ETFs) resonated with listeners and readers alike.

Gary Gordon left the Maverick Investing radio program in 2005. Yet his love for the format couldn’t keep him away completely. He hosted “In the Money with Gary Gordon” on several local stations in the San Diego/Orange County area (2006-2009). Today, he still records an Internet podcast, “ETF Expert Radio.”