Our 401K Service: The Most Important Money You Have!
You may or may not get all of your Social Security benefits if the U.S. government changes the rules or doesn’t have the money to give. Similarly, you may not be able to count on a company pension, particularly if the company declares bankruptcy or can’t keep up with a pension obligation.

In contrast, the 401k is yours and yours to keep. With a 401k, you receive unparalleled benefits from immediate tax savings, to tax-deferred growth to the possibility of free money in the form of company matching.

It follows that the growth and protection of your 401k is vital to your financial future. Occasional or casual glances at the account value will not produce the results that you need from your employer-sponsored retirement plan. That is why Pacific Park Financial, Inc. is committed to protecting your most important assets from a down market and growing them for the best possible results.
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